Prompt Introduction

What is Prompt?

A prompt is a text input provided to the AI, which guides it in generating images. In the context of Maze Guru, a prompt typically consists of a content descriptor + a style modifier.

Content descriptor: Describes the overall composition and elements of the image.

  • Subjects: People, buildings, landscapes, animals, etc.

  • Environment: Day, night, dark, festive, etc.

  • Accessories: People‘s wearing, architectural composition, etc.

  • More

Style modifiers: Define the artistic style and specific details of the generated images.

  • Artistic style: cyberpunk,sci-fi,concept art, etc.

  • Name of the artist:greg rutkowski,G liulian,Raphael Lacoste,Sylvain Sarrailh, etc.

  • Lens:wide shot angle,overhead-angle,selfie shot angle, etc.

  • Color tone: black and white,Dark style,colorfull, etc.

  • Lighting:Overcast light,spotlight,Light diffraction, etc.

  • More

Start by asking a list of questions

  1. Would you prefer a photograph or a painting?

  2. What’s the subject of the image? Person? An animal or perhaps a landscape?

  3. 3.Are there any specific details you would like to include?

    • Special Lighting. Soft, ambient, ring light, neon

    • Environment. Indoor, outdoor, underwater, in space

    • Color Scheme. Vibrant, dark, pastel

    • Point of view. Front, Overhead, Side

    • Background. Solid color, nebula, forest

  4. Would you like it to be created in a specific art style, such as 3D render, Studio Ghibli, or a movie poster?

  5. 5.Do you have a preference for a specific type of photograph, such as macro or telephoto?


1 => painting

2 => a goldendoodle

3 => wearing a suit => natural light => in the sky => with bright colors

4 => by Studio Ghibli

A painting of a cute goldendoodle wearing a suit, natural light, in the sky, with bright colors, by Studio Ghibli

Tips for improving your images

  1. Use phrases and short sentences instead of long sentences.

  2. Prioritize nouns and adjectives, and minimize the use of abstract words.

  3. Be as specific as possible in your descriptions to avoid random outputs. For example, "A cute grey cat with blue eyes" is better than a general "cute cat" generated by the AI.

  4. Consider the size: For portrait paintings, a 1:1 ratio is recommended. For landscape paintings or those emphasizing spatial structure, vertical or horizontal orientations are preferable.

  5. 5.Don't hesitate to make multiple attempts to achieve the desired results that satisfy you.

More cases

Stable Mode

view from the river of a beautiful painting of the Mid-Autumn festival in a town resembling chinese old town , at night with a sky full of stars, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, by krenz cushart and artem demura and alphonse mucha

Michael scott as hulk, hulk costume, michael scott hairstyle, hulk body type, michael scott face, calm, grumpy, portrait, masculine figure, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, cinematic lighting, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha

Grassy fields with large mountains in the distance, small cottage in the foreground, nighttime, moon in the night sky, dim lighting, very dark, landscape wallpaper, d&d art, fantasy, painted, 4k, high detail, sharp focus

the most beautiful panoramic landscape, oil painting, where a giant dreamy waterfall is frozen, the trees around have snow over their leafs, a majestic bison is in close - up and is exhaling steam, the ray lights of the sunrise are brightening him, by greg rutkowski

Chrome futuristic cyborg with curved metal horns, chrome motorcycle parts, full body, loki horns, diffuse lighting, fantasy, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, lifelike, photorealistic, digital painting, artstation, illustration, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, art by john collier and albert aublet and krenz cushart and artem demura and alphonse mucha

Anime Mode

{profile picture}, {an extremely delicate and beautiful girl}, cg 8k wallpaper, masterpiece, cold expression, handsome, upper body, looking at viewer, school uniform, sailor suit, insanity, white hair, messy long hair, red eyes, beautiful detailed eyes, {{a black cross hairpin}}, handsome, Hair glows, dramatic angle

extremely detailed 4k CG, Long lightblue hair, one small golden flower ornaments, blue eyes, royal sister, cold face and white shirt

extremely detailed CG 8k wallpaper, girl, red eyes, white hair, ponytail, long hair, light powder inner color hair, whtie trench coat, inner cyan coat, studio photograhy, masterpiece, cinematic highlight hair, beautiful hand

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