Q: What is Maze Guru?

Maze Guru is an Al-powered platform that helps you create amazing works in seconds.With over 2000 styles available and support for user-defined models, Maze Guru expands the creative possibilities and imagination, enabling users to explore new worlds.

Q: How can I use the tools?

A: You can access all the functions of Maze Guru through the Maze Guru Discord bot, as well as the Maze Guru Web or App.

Join our Discord server :https://discord.gg/maze-guru-ai-art-anime-social-1007166914801434634

Our Website: https://maze.guru

Q: Can I invite someone to Maze Guru server?

A: Absolutely! Maze Guru is currently in open beta, allowing anyone to join and try the service. You can invite others to the server using the Discord link: https://discord.gg/maze-guru-ai-art-anime-social-1007166914801434634

Q:How can I see all my generated images

A: There are two ways to view your generated images:

  1. Use the "/show" command to check the Maze Guru bot's direct messages (DM). The bot will display your images there.

Check your Maze Guru Bot DM.

2. Log in to the Maze Guru web application at https://maze.guru. Once logged in, you can access and view your created images on the website: https://maze.guru

Q:What's the roadmap of Maze Guru?

A: The roadmap of Maze Guru consists of three phases:

Phase 1: Building Maze Guru and generating content. Maze Guru will curate and add classic artists' works, styles, and contracted artists' images to the material store. The process involves storing the content, AI generation, NFT minting, and uploading. Users who hold CryptoSanguo NFT and BTM will receive additional benefits, such as more free usage of AI for creation and a wider selection of artist styles.

Phase 2: Encouraging a closed loop and fostering ecosystem growth. In this phase, Maze Guru aims to establish a fair and transparent ecosystem by setting royalty fees, usage fees, gas fees, etc., and distributing dividends through smart contracts. The participation of hashrate, rendering, and storage operators will enhance the variety of artistic styles, rendering capabilities, storage capacity, and AI training models. Users will benefit from more advanced features, creating a positive cycle for ecosystem prosperity.

Phase 3: Exploring additional AI and Web3 possibilities. In addition to AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content), Maze Guru plans to explore other interfaces between AI and Web3. Examples include combining AI models with blockchain identity authentication (avatars, PFPs, domain names, etc.) and utilizing blockchain's decentralized network to transmit core information for AI-generated images. These avenues represent long-term exploration directions for Maze Guru's development.

Q:How to contact Maze Guru official?

A: To contact Maze Guru official, go to the #get-help channel and click on "Create Ticket". This will create a private ticket channel where you can communicate with our admins

Q:Where can newcomers get newbie guidance?

A: Newcomers can find guidance in the #start-here channel, where they can quickly grasp the method.

Q:Do I Need to pay?

A: Users will receive a certain number of free points every day. After exhausting the free points, a paid subscription will be required. Additionally, we will be launching a series of events where users can earn extra free points.

Q:Can I sell my image?

A: Yes, you own all the rights to your images. However, users are responsible for any possible copyright issues that may arise.

Q:How to choose image size?

A: By default, the image size is 1:1. If you want a different size, you can specify it by adding "> --size <" after your keyword. Maze Guru supports sizes such as 1:1, 1:2, 3:4, 4:3, 16:9, and 9:16.

Remember to include a space before "--".

Q:How to use the image-to-image function in Discord?

A: To use the image-to-image function in Discord, follow these steps:

  1. Upload the original image in Discord.

  2. Click on the image and open it in the browser.

  3. Copy the URL of the image.

  4. Type "/image" in the #newbies channel.

  5. Paste the URL and add prompt text behind it.

Q:How to deal with < Failed reason: Involved in pornography > message?

A: If the AI system detects pornographic content in any of the generated images or prompts, all four images will be hidden. In this case, please log in to our website to view the remaining visible images.

Q:Why my prompt texts don't work?

A: If your prompt texts are not generating the corresponding images, it is likely because there is no relevant data or tag associated with the cue word in the trained model. We recommend trying another style or artist in Maze Guru to achieve the desired results.

Q:How to subscribe to newsletter

A: Go to the bottom of the webpage, enter your email in Newsletters, and click the subscribe button


A:CHALLENGES is created by Maze A periodic AI generation event organized by Guru, with different themes every two weeks, the winner can receive a Maze Guru's point reward

Q:How to participate in CHALLENGES

A:You can submit articles on the CHALLENGES page on the web or on the Maze Submit articles on the theme post channel of Guru Discord server

Q:What CHALLENGES themes are there

A:Dragon Odyssey

FutureVisions: 3D Artistry


Cat's World

Redefine The Santa Claus

Winter Fairytale


Join the Fun: Halloween

Future City

Theme Contest: Japanese Cyberpunk

Summer Vibe

The 23rd Theme: Your Beloved One

22nd Theme Contest: 16 Personal

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