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Maze Guru Web

Where can I find it?

You can access it by logging in with your Discord credentials at:

What can I do on the web platform?

Create: You can generate images on Maze Guru web.
Profile: View all the images you have generated and access your personal information.
Gallery: Browse through the public images available in the gallery.
Challenge: Participate in activities and earn rewards.
Support: Access FAQs and get additional help.
Pricing: Subscribe, purchase, or earn points to continue creating images.

Login with your Discord account

Click on the 'login' button located in the upper right corner.
This will redirect you to the Discord verification page.
Press the 'Authorise' button to complete the verification process.
Once authorized, you will be able to check your profile and view the images.

Create an image by text

Visit the Maze Guru website and navigate to the create page.
  • Enter your desired text prompt.
  • Select the style, art genres (optional), and size.
  • type the seed value(default -1)
  • Click the 'Create Now' button.
Your image will appear in the right panel.

Create an image by image

Go to the create page on the Maze Guru website and upload the seed image.
Click the 'Create Now' button. Your image will be displayed in the right panel.
Explore the gallery to view beautiful images created by other users.
Click on an image to access the detail page and view the associated prompt.