User Manual

Basic Commands


Generates an image based on the provided prompt text. It takes approximately 0.5-1 minute to produce an image.


Displays helpful information about Maze Guru.


Allows you to adjust your settings:

  • Model: Select the painting model.

  • Size: Select the image size.

  • Quality: Select the image quality.

  • Similarity: Only used in image-to-image generation. A higher value makes the generated image closer to the original, while a lower value makes it more creatively interpreted.


View the current account's painting usage:

  • Current Plan: the subscription plans

  • Status: fast mode or unlimited mode

  • Current Available Points

  • Subscription Points

  • Rewarded Points


Displays all the images you have generated in the MazeAI Bot DM.

Why am I not receiving messages in my private channel?

Please check your Privacy & Safety settings and ensure that you have enabled "Allow direct messages from server members."


Shares your image in the showcase channel.


Adds the Maze Guru bot to your own server.

Image parameter Illustrated

Base Structure

Parameters that change how the images are generated. A complete /image command may contain various elements, such as an image URL, image weights, text prompt, style, and other switches.

/image parameters should follow the order mentioned below.


The random seed determines the initialize noise pattern and hence the final image.

Setting it to -1 means using a random one every time. It is useful when you want to generate new images. On the other hand, fixing it would result in the same images in each new generation.

Use --seed<value> to the end of your prompt. for example:

/image 1 girl --seed 123

Negative prompt

The negative prompt feature can help you easily remove unwanted content.

Use --noto the end of your prompt. for example:

Character Consistence

Character consistence feature allows you to create images that maintain consistency across characters

Simply add --cref URL --cw 1-2 at the end of your prompt.

  • --cw 1: Maintains facial consistency.

  • --cw 2: Maintains consistency across the entire body.


use --stylize to adjust stylization

Higer the stylization is, more artistic the image will be.

Lower the stylization is, more closely the image will match the prompt.

Style Random

With Style Random, you can now generate artwork without specifying an artistic style or artist in your prompt.

use --sref random at the end of your prompt

This feature is only available for Midjourney and Niji models.

Create image with URL

Add one or more image URLs to your prompt, and the generated image will be visually inspired by those images. It's important to mix words with images.

Adjust image size

Maze Guru supports multiple size ratios:

  • 1:1 (avatar)

  • 1:2 (phone)

  • 3:4 (Ilustration)

  • 4:3 (Media)

  • 9:16 (Poster)

  • 16:9 (wallpaper)

Use the --sizeparameter when using /imagecommand

Style selection

To explore different image styles, you can set the --style parameter and experiment with the following supported styles:





Real Photo

Asian Portrait

Girl Realistic

Portrait Album










Semi Impasto

Digital Humans

Chinoiserie 2.5D

Flat CG Artwork

CG Artwork


Indie Pop


Anime plus

Anime 2.0



What is Style Extension

Style Extension is an amazing feature that allows you to create new styles and variations on the original model, resulting in stunning visual images with just ONE CLICK!

How to use Style Extension

1. Style Extension Button

Under certain styles, a new button will appear in the bottom right corner of the image after creation. Clicking on this button will prompt you to select a Style Extension option. Once you have chosen the desired type of style transfer extension, the system will generate new images based on your original settings.

2. Trigger word in the prompt

Each Style Extension comes with its trigger keywords. Simply input the corresponding trigger keyword in your prompt, and the Style Extension functionality will automatically activate for your current creation. Note:

  1. Trigger keyword only works under the corresponding model.

  2. Any single trigger word can take effect.

  3. Trigger words need to be separated in the prompt.

Avaliable Style Extension

StyleStyle ExtensionTrigger KeywordScope of Application







mecha / bodysuit

Mecha and science fiction related


Strange things

a fantz creature wlop

Dark and mysterious things


Chibi doll

chibi wlop

Chibi people and things



fantz monster / by mooncryptowow

Fantasy and medieval retro related

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